As I’m sure you caught my post earlier announcing Sweden’s finest Robyn announced her new single “Call Your Girlfriend” I was particularly confused when a new music video not even from the Body Talk album was just released. In a bonus track from Body Talk Pt. 2 called “Bad Gal” Robyn is now being billed as the featured artist in this Savage Skulls & Douster track. Regardless, its a wonderful track and I’m happy to see it being released or I would have never heard it since I really didn’t get into Robyn until she really won me over with all her singles basically forcing me to buy Body Talk.

Where Tinie and Ellie failed, Savage Skulls & Douster shine in playing off the cheesy film idea by making car chase scenes (complete with a horrible green screen), intense tennis matches, and hilarious villains hilarious and entertaining which makes for a great music video that viewers will not only appreciate for the lack of pretension but also shows some great comedic skills.

Robyn also shines in the video while randomly tangoing with the duo and dancing in front of them as she truly controls the camera in each scene she’s in.

The video is also very cool by having the song itself control how the people and things move in the video and if you listen to the song you can see how interesting of a visual this makes since the song bleeps and bloops all over the place. It’s really cool and definitely wasn’t easy to make this stop motion-like video and should get film student’s approval.

So take a listen to yet another Robyn hit with “Bad Gal” and watch the great music video that accompanies it as well. A+ all around.

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