Now this is hot!! Super producer (who’s seemingly becoming a newly hot producer in the mainstream) Benny Benassi has just released the new music video for his new single “Electroman” that features T-Pain. The single comes from the upcoming album Spaceship that features the same single with the same title as the album featuring Kelis and Apl.De.Ap of the Black Eyed Peas that was released last year.

The heavy synthesizer and dance beat track doesn’t necessarily use anything profoundly unique or different in it, but somehow it is one of the hottest singles of this year. Perhaps its the cool effects Benassi has done with T-Pain’s already altered vocals that makes for a result that goes to the next level of vocal manipulation. There is also a cool panting sound that is used throughout different parts in the song that is extremely cool if you pay attention to it, I love it.

The music video is pretty cool in that it has the potential to give people seizures with the constant flashing colors between T-Pain’s scene and the female interest. Benny Benassi only makes an appearance in the video through clips of him DJing at an outdoor festival, but ultimately just looks random and less professional with the other clearly professionally shot clips.

Regardless I don’t know how this collaboration is not on everyone’s radar yet, but its really hot and you should definitely take a listen if you’re looking for a hot club or dance track. I’m thinking about using this at my next DJ gig, its too good! Take a view below:

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