A lot of people have been waiting for this and it’s finally here. The official first single from Dr. Dre‘s album that’s been coming for years now Detox. The track features Eminem and the song’s producer Alex Da-Kid’s protege Skylar Grey (who was unnecessarily featured on Diddy – Dirty Money‘s “Coming Home” single). And here is an in-depth review of the new song that is sure to be one of the most talked about tracks this month.

The track starts in true Alex Da-Kid form with the female feature singing softly with minimal production and no back-up singers. Unfortunately, this was not the way to start this song since Skylar Grey sounds very weak at the beginning making me think she will struggle to make it as a solo star when all her features inevitably turn into a solo career.

Eminem then comes in for the first verse and unfortunately, this beginning is weak as well. This is mostly due to the production that isn’t polished enough to be the backdrop to Eminem’s basically yelling on this verse which is all about how much Em appreciates Dr. Dre as his mentor to the point that he “crying in this booth.”

Luckily, after the intro and first verse, the song REALLY picks up with Skylar taking the chorus in its full form creating a completely haunting but catchy chorus that is sure to get stuck in your head after the first listen. The chorus really is the song’s strong point and will definitely get listeners attention hearing Skylar’s interesting delivery and strong vocals. I still stand that I’m hesitant about her by herself though. Also, the listener can hear her very choppy breaths that just sound unprofessional and bad with the song…why can I hear them?!

Going after this full chorus, the second verse is also MUCH better where we can truly hear the emotion in Em’s rap. The production also sounds a little toned down with some electronic elements replacing the garage band sound that was originally in the first verse. It’s here that I am reminded why Eminem is such a good rapper as his emotions are truly felt in the rapping and he takes on different rap stylizings that truly are impressive. The second chorus then ends with a heart monitor sound which is a nice touch.

Dr. Dre comes in for the final verse lacking a little energy but eventually recovers as he continues with the bromance theme of the song talking about Eminem is the only he can count on and will stick with. How cute! I do wish he came harder at the beginning but he can definitely stand on his own. Nice job.

This song is definitely top-notch and while its definitely following the played Alex Da-Kid method, the combination of these three take this track to the next level and is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Awesome choice as a first single.

Take a listen to the must hear new single below:

“I Need A Doctor (featuring Skylar Grey & Eminem)” Dr. Dre

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