I wasn’t even going to make a post about this song but after this new gorgeous promotional photo of returning diva Jennifer Lopez made its way online, I was inspired to do a new J. Lo post. First, the photo comes from Roberto Cavalli’s upcoming 40th Anniversary book that she posed for. GAWRSH doesn’t she look GOOD?! 40 years old (just like Cavalli’s career) and still killing it in these photos. Amazing!

Moving on from Jennifer’s superior good looks, there’s a new song that also leaked from her titled “Take Care.” Unfortunately, the song does not stand up to the other recent leaks from her and when I say recent I actually just mean “On The Floor” and “Good Hit.” While the song has some nice bass & 808s added to it, the mid-tempo is pretty unremarkable. It sounds like it was produced by The-Dream but I could be wrong.

Regardless of the song’s quality, Jennifer recently said at a behind the scene’s interview for the music video of “On The Floor” that all the songs on her upcoming album will be about love (thus the title Love? apparently…) and this is the only song so far that really is explicitly about love where the other two are quite stretches. So we’ll see if this ends up on the final tracklisting (hopefully not) but it is the most relatable to the album’s subject matter. Just focus on the picture above.

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