You guys really loved the Koda Kumi post on her new single “POP DIVA” so now I bring you the music video for the single!

In what looks like a very expensive music video that takes the overdone normal girl becomes bionic superhero theme, Koda looks very pretty in the glamour shots and then like a total badass in other shots. She has a lot of weird facial expressions that were extremely amusing to me and made me want to slap and hug her at the same time–a feeling I get with a lot of my close friends.

Regardless of how ridiculous at points this video is, I definitely felt the energy from the song and it made me like the song again and take a couple more listens to it. I’m still not a fan of the shouting in the chorus, but its still quite an earworm. I’m definitely interested to see what else Koda Kumi has prepared for the rest of her album. (And I’m STILL confused as to why Asian music artists have English words [and in this video’s case books written in English] in their songs when they can hardly pronounce them…).

Also I just crack up thinking about what if someone like Katy, Rihanna, Christina, or any other diva started a song with “You know I’m the top diva. The most beautiful, powerful, talented girl on the planet.” Oh gosh, I think I’m obsessed with this girl. Take a watch of the video by clicking this link HERE! What do you think?!

Also, I just updated the post with the album cover that “POP DIVA” will be included on which is titled Dejavu which looks like a mix between Alice In Wonderland and a bunch of other random objects which totally fits with the robot girl theme in the music video…works for me!

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