Watch out dancefloor–Ultra Naté is back! One of the rulers for the past decades of the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play charts has returned with her new single “Turn It Up.” The track is taken from her upcoming new album Hero Worship which is set to include a feature with Destiny’s Child member & dance diva in her own right Michelle Williams!

The track starts off somewhat unremarkably with some usual dance beats, but within the first 8 measures gains a disco flavor with some a fun bass line and added synthesizers. The track then turns into Ultra Naté’s voice echoing throughout the club before getting into a somewhat anthemic chorus that just screams for everyone to join in. It’s actually just like a lot of other pop music nowadays about letting out what’s inside and showing all the love that’s inside in you but associates it to the dance floor–smart move. The rest of the track stays in the same vein and is basically impossible to want to jump and sing along as you listen. I’m sure this is going to be huge on the dance club charts.

Ultra Naté’s autotuned voice actually sounds similar to how Patti LaBelle‘s did when in 2009 her group LaBelle came back with their single “Roll Out” that featured Wyclef Jean. I don’t know exactly what this means but I thought it was worth pointing out. Also, that song is wonderful as well so take a listen if you haven’t below.

But what is also wonderful is that you can get this song as a free download thank to RCRD LBL that premiered the song originally. So you can click HERE for a guilt-free download Ultra Naté’s “Turn It Up.”

Like what you hear? Also make sure you check out a similarly sounding great song “Roll Out” by Labelle featuring Wyclef Jean below. Do you hear it?

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