One of my favorite trashy pop stars Heidi Montag returned to music today with her new song “Heart Beat.” The song is typical Heidi with a really hot dance club sound with autotuned vocals.

While you may completely dismiss Heidi Montag’s singing career, if you have the money the results will come. Heidi hired some of the top dance/sexy music producers around for her debut album Superficial. Somehow the album completely tanked and didn’t even sell 1,000 copies in its first week after Heidi performed one completely lip-synched performance of a non-album track on Miss Universe and made a bunch of stupid interviews with her husband mostly about her new surgery. Regardless, Heidi mentioned how making the album turned her broke (I believe costing a million or two) but didn’t even recognize the possibility that the album not recouping the huge budget…she called it on Michael Jackson’s Thriller level. Yup.

Anyway, with this new song it doesn’t see Heidi doing anything particularly interesting or bringing anything new with the song like her others did…yes, they really did. Also this new song sounds like its only in medium quality. Well, I hope its only medium quality or maybe Heidi really doesn’t have the money to make high quality recordings anymore. Heart beat is kind of cool the more I listen to it. I especially like the autotuned male voice moaning during the chorus–so Heidi! Take a listen to “Heart Beat” and then listen to one of the best songs from Heidi called “I’ll Do It” which is just a good song–Heidi Montag created or not, its irrelevant. Good pop is good pop.

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