Nicole Scherzinger formerly of The Pussycat Dolls (apparently that performance wasn’t her and the 4 girls, but the actual Las Vegas performing troupe with Carmen Electra) is working hard to make sure her “edgy” debut album actually comes out this time around. With the work has come some official leaks and some unofficial leaks. The first being the single cover to her new single “Don’t Hold Your Breath, shown at the left. Apparently she’s still going with the big Roman letters as her official font, which I think looks really out of touch and lame, but hey its Nicole. I’ll just be happy for her if this album actually comes out regardless of fonts and ugly album covers.

Nicole also had 2 songs leak recently, the first being a song listeners heard a clip of last year being “Cold.” Produced by Dave Aude (who also did “Don’t Hold Your Breath”) the synth-heavy dance track starts with a melancholy vibe and then rises into the electronic chorus that shows Nicole’s vocals jumping from different styles which is not very catchy but very cool to hear. The song has a sad element that is very appealing for an interesting song, but I don’t see this song being a single–or at least a hit single.

Another song hit the net called “Guns & Roses.” This seems to be Nicole’s attempt to remind us she can sing rock music (she was featured on Slash’s new album, but I don’t think her track ended up on the final tracklisting) with the song having a rockin beat with Nicole singing about how her guy can forget the roses and just give her the gun. Nicole does some cool vocalizations by layering her vocals on the verses as well, and tries her best to create a catchy hook with the “bang, bang, bang, b-baby bang bang” but ultimately this hook does not work nor does the song really. It has some shining moments (like the gunshot in the chorus), but really could not compete with the rest of today’s mainstream music–like a lot of Nicole’s music. Also, I can’t help but crack up at the end of the bridge where Nicole screams “Keep your stupid, stupid roses AAAAUUGH!!!” which was clearly an attempt to show us she can “do” rock riffs, but…she failed.

Take a listen to the 2 new songs. How do you think Nicole’s solo project is shaping up?

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