Showing the increasing awareness and impact that digital media is having on popular culture, the epicenter of all things pop MTV has announced that it is planning a new award show honoring all things digital music and media. While untitled, the show is planning to be premiered in the Spring meaning we won’t have to wait long to see what the show’s angle is and who/what is going to be featured.

MTV News did a feature on the show (of course) interviewing head of digital for MTV Music & Logo Group Dermot McCormack who said:

I think the idea we’re trying to convey is: We have the current heavyweight champions of music and movie awards shows, and we love them — they’re a great place for celebrating music and movies — but we also think something new is going on. The industry has evolved into a digital medium, and fans have evolved right along with it. So we figured it was time to re-examine how we reward achievement in these new mediums.

The new mediums being that of music apps and blogs (like this one!). McCormack continued on saying:

Expect to see something that you wouldn’t typically see. The idea here is to create a response to this great renaissance that’s happening, the activity and revolution in the music business. It’s not only about where music is today, but where it’s going too. We want to stake a claim in that while still dipping into our heritage. When the first VMAs happened, you had Dan Aykroyd coming out smoking a cigarette. That’s the same spirit we’d like to capture here.

The new show is currently in talks to not be shown on television but instead stay true to what it is and be broadcasted on the Internet, social media sites (probably with a huge push from YouTube or VEVO), and mobile devices. Yet I don’t see how they’re going to have such a huge launch or presence if its not on TV. They’re going to have to have some really controversial and talked about things planned if they want to have a big viewership. I mean how do you beat something like Madonna‘s iconic “Like A Virgin” performance at the first VMAs? MTV probably won’t disappoint with this since they’ll want to get everyone involved after their premiere show so this needs to be good. We’ll see though! Thoughts on this new award show?

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