No one’s safe now that the first must-have album of 2011 has been released in The UK! Adele‘s amazing sophomore album 21 hit stores in her home country with an amazing first sales of around 70,000 copies making it a guarantee for the #1 spot.

What’s equally impressive is that Adele may find herself with two albums in the Top 5 with her debut album 19 also showing strong sales placing it at #4 in the British midweek charts. This is most likely due to the fact that Adele’s “Make You Feel My Love” has become a new classic in the country, still finding itself towards the top of iTunes after being released years ago. Amazing!

An interesting statistic to compare the first week’s sales to is that of an artist with a similar following to Adele, another blue eyed soul singer Duffy. Duffy’s debut album Rockferry had a similar number of 60,000 for her first day sales that led to 180,000 units sold by the end of the week. So while Adele could see similar numbers, I personally find this to be not as likely due to the fact that January is a time where there are not as many music purchases (due to the holidays just being over) and this huge early figure may have been surged by pre-orders and Adele fans.

Still the numbers are looking great for Adele who is definitely not suffering the dreaded sophomore slump (saleswise or musicwise!) with this new album. Adele also performed the album’s first single “Rolling In The Deep” on The Voice Of Holland the other day showing a ton of stage presence and blowing her back up singers away (could barely hear them!). I also think Adele has been slowing shedding the pounds; I wouldn’t be surprised if we ended up seeing her in a tighter dress (in comparison to the usual big, flowy clothes she usually wears) one day and everyone being shocked at how skinny she got. In the meantime, do your ears some good by getting Adele’s new CD (if you’re in Europe!) or watching the performance below:

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