Some exciting collaboration rumors are floating around the internet lately about two of the most anticipated albums of this coming year.

The first comes from none other than Amy Winehouse (who has never had a featured artist or duet on any of her studio albums) who is rumored to be duetting with Cee Lo Green on her next album. I’m not surprised to hear about Cee Lo being a part of this album since he’s usually a part of R&B acts if they’re doing something with old school sounds (he produced on Solange‘s latest album and worked with Melody Thornton). But what I am surprised is hearing that they are apparently set to make a duet. Yet they both have such unique styles and approaches it could make for something absolutely fantastic. This rumor is coming from The Daily Star tabloid, so while I’m taking with a grain of salt–its exciting to think about!

The next collaboration rumor is coming for the new Britney Spears album that rapper Gucci Mane is going to appear on a track called “Hit.” We know Britney is having urban influences on this album, Gucci is definitely one of the best rappers in the game, and they’ve both been in mental institutions (joke…kind of…not really) so having them together also makes perfect sense! Britney did not have any guest appearances on her last two albums but did have The Ying Yang Twins featured on a track from In The Zone (the first album she was given creative control) so she’s not totally against rap features clearly. This rumor is coming from which I trust more than a tabloid, so I’d put my money on this rumor.

Still either may or may not end up coming true–we’ll just have to wait and see. It’s fun to speculate though! What do you think, would these be good or just plain bad? Who are your dream collaborations for Amy and Brit? Let me know in the comments!

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