Travis Barker has finally dropped his debut single from his upcoming solo album Give The Drummer Some. Appropriate as the first single’s title is “Can A Drummer Get Some” featuring four rappers–four of many that are set to appear on this star-studded album. “Can A Drummer Get Some” features Swizz Beatz, Game, Lil Wayne, and Rick Ross.

The song is pretty tight with an emphasis on the drums (obviously) but in the end creating a really great hybrid of rock and rap–which was supposedly the whole point of Lil Wayne’s Rebirth album, but whatever he can just jump on this I suppose.

The track sees Swizz Beatz (who probably played some production role if he did not produce the track–though isn’t that what Barker should do? Or is he just going to play drums in each track? I’m confused regardless) of course repeating words on the chorus since thats apparently all he does in songs. The other rappers spit well with each other getting better as the song goes on with (in my opinion) Rick Ross putting out the best performance of everyone else.

Travis’ new CD is set to be out before the much anticipated Blink-182 album that’s also set to drop this year as well. The CD is set to include a ton of features from both the worlds of rap and rock; should be promising! I usually love collaboration albums like this that bring together a ton of talents. Rock and rap aren’t my main forte, so we’ll have to see about this album but who knows. I’m liking what I’m hearing so far. Take a listen yourself to “Can A Drummer Get Some” below:

“Can A Drummer Get Some (featuring Swizz Beatz, Game, Lil Wayne, and Rick Ross)” Travis Barker

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