I’m still trying to figure out how we can discuss leaked albums here at the blog. The first major release to end up leaked has of course been Adele‘s 21 album and let me just say that the girl did NOT suffer from a sophomore slump but instead made her signature sound, more her signature…is that even possible? She did it regardless by also trying some new things. I’m going back and forth about discussing the album before its officially released (in The UK at least) or waiting til the official release date to make sure no one forgets about it. Still not sure and would love some feedback about what to do about early album leaks and giving my two cents.

Luckily, the always amazing Adele continues her amazing streak and actually went track by track to talk about the new album. Amazing! So thank you Adele for doing the hard part while I’m still getting ready for the OFFICIAL launch of this blog. (Oh, you thought I was going full throttle at this point? Girl. You haven’t seen nuthin yet.) Stayed tuned and check out the always entertaining to watch perform…and now you can see her personality shine in this interview too. Check it out below:

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