In the glory days of punk-pop rock there was Fall Out Boy, there was Ashlee Simpson, there were a bunch of bands that toured with them like Motion City Soundtrack, The Academy Is…, Dashboard Confessional amongst others and then there was the somewhat quirky, somewhat danceable, and ultimately really awesome odd cousin to all this, the band being Panic! At The Disco. I went to some show where FOB, MCS, and The Starting Line were all playing in 2005, but all I really cared about was seeing Panic! This may also have been influenced by the fact that with this band I was most likely not to get hurt in the mosh pit…

The band is back in 2011! …as a duo though! Though their lead guitarist and bassist (both of whom contributed back-up vocals) have both left the band, the duo is continuing on with a new album due out in March. The first single of the project titled “The Ballad Of Mona Lisa” came out today seeing if the two could keep the band’s name going.

While the song stays true to Panic!’s style, it seems like its lacking something–and that probably originally came from the two original members that left. It starts off quirky enough, but I just felt like it was lacking something in the end. The chorus is its saving grace, but I don’t feel that same originality and left-field sounds that I came to expect from one of my favorite pop-punk bands. Especially after the dimsal success of their second album Pretty. Odd. the band NEEDS to come hard, and I wonder if that’s perhaps why this song sounds a little plain–to make sure they make it onto alternative/pop radio? We’ll have to see. For the moment, I’m not impressed.

This may be a rough cut of the song since it sounds a little low quality, but if Panic! At The Disco can come back with an interesting music video, great album, and prove they’re that same band I fell for years ago (still have this concert t-shirt!). Tell me your opinion below:

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