Now this is what I’m talking about!! You all remember my very first ‘New Artist‘ post featuring Xenomania songwriter Jessie Malakouti and her new (amazing) project Jessie And The Boy Toys and their already addicting CLIP of a song “Push It” featuring Yelawolf that Jessie HERSELF tweeted out and then followed this blog on Twitter for? (Sorry, too much amazement for you in one sentence, I’ll slow down…or will I?) Well get ready for Jessie and her toys to take you to the next level! In what I can’t believe took me 3 days to find on a little unknown blog I check periodically, was a new song by Jessie titled “We Own The Night.”

This song is IT when it comes to the perfect combination of hit sounds in 2011 and yet Jessie & co take it to the next level on this hard hitting track. The production is like an updated version of “Gotta Feeling” with Jessie’s voice as appealing as ever being altered in different ways throughout the first verse forcing the listener to pay attention. Then before the chorus even hits, we see Jessie’s sassy rapper side that leaves Ke$ha‘s rapping on “Sleazy” in the dust. Well, and then of course there’s the chorus that just sounds like its destined to flood radiowaves everywhere, especially the memorable “We own the night!” hook. And I just need to point out this lyric: “I wanna burn some money, that I don’t got. Just line up, take every shot. Wanna sign the check like an autograph, tonight.” Love it.

The song ends up showing several different personalities and sides of Jessie’s vocal talents that almost reminds me how Nicki Minaj changes personalities in her rap verses, it feels the same way. I apologize for all the comparisons since Jessie can more than stand on her own but when you’re introducing a new artist to readers you need to play on what people know.

Apparently this song is being used for promotion on the CW Network (already getting those synch licenses! Smart move Jess!) and this could go on to be just a big hit as “Push It” if the labels are playing their cards smart. Similar to how Lady GaGa basically had “Just Dance” and “Poker Face” become hits not too long after each other because they ended up catching on at the same time, I feel like this could end up happening to Jessie since they are both garnering attention.

In conclusion, if you were interested in Jessie & The Toy Boys, you’re even more interested now with “We Own The Night.” Keep up the great work Jessie! Can’t wait to see what happens next! Keep an eye on this girl…we told you first.

“We Own The Night” Jessie & The Toy Boys

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