In an interview with Jet Magazine, the always amazing and most talented member ever to be a part of Destiny’s Child LeToya gave information about her new album amongst other things which you can see HERE. First talking about advice she gave to girls at a Chicago charter school (amazing!) and started giving us the details of what is sure to be her upcoming classic third solo album.

In the interview (which I’m not sure exactly when it took place) Ms. Luckett spoke about her current point of the album she’s “excited” to start writing and hearing new music and producers, and gaining inspiration from that. She’s working on the concepts and visions of the music as well.

LeToya also talked about the sounds of the album which will include “of course R&B” meaning that LeToya is NOT going to take the same route Usher, Akon, Ne-Yo, Chris Brown (sometimes), Ciara (though not lately) all took.

Additionally, LeToya is listening to her fans’ wishes to do “dance, something different” meaning we might get something in the electropop/urban dance vain but probably still very urban and rooted in R&B. LeToya also talked about the inspiration she gained from her visiting New Orleans and hearing the live, brass bands and how she wants to incorporate live instruments into her next album.

The (possibly) bad news is that LeToya said her next album will probably be out in the middle of “next year.” What I don’t know if the interview was done at the end of 2010 (when LeToya visited Chicago) or if it was done in the first 20 days of January. So either she’s going to get this album done in 6 months I guess or its coming in mid-2012 (UGH!).

It has been pretty obvious that LeToya is focusing on her blossoming acting career which is including her first wide release movie role, an upcoming movie role with popular African-American director Taraji P. Henson, and a new supporting role in HBO’s critically acclaimed Treme. All good signs for her acting career! But what about that new album?! C’mon Toya!!!! The Preacher’s Kid was only amazing enough, but we need more music from her! Regardless, that LeToya can give us more information about her upcoming album is a good sign that its not too far off.

If you haven’t already known about LeToya, under the cut I leave you with LeToya’s latest R&B hit “Regret” featuring Ludacris, her first foray into anything pop/dance oriented with “She Ain’t Got…” and what had the potential to be one of the greatest R&B slow jams of the decade “I Need A U.” I stan for LeToya!

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  1. lindo says:

    if yu were really stanning for LeToya you’d know that she meant 2011. its all over letoyanews.com You know better

  2. lindo says:

    and if u gonna put a video for she aint got at least put the official video since there is one

    • EMI (her horrible old label) has made the video unable to be embedded but I thought it was an important song to include in the post. Of course I would include the original one if I could, but EMIs blocked it from being embedded.

  3. Stephanie says:

    I LOVE LETOYA!!!!!

  4. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for this wonderful article!!!!

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