Well here’s something I was not expecting! It seems as if the Pussycat Dolls are confirmed performers for a concert at the upcoming Sundance Festival. I have been looking through several reports that speak about how the group was created by Robin Antin originally in Las Vegas with the likes of Carmen Electra in the troupe, and then eventually went on to be a multiplatinum pop girl group. While I’m going to guess that the Las Vegas group is coming to Sundance for the show, if you are talking about the Pussycat Dolls performing that means the girls who crafted hits like “Don’t Cha” and “When I Grow Up,” not the Las Vegas group. I believe the Las Vegas group would be named The Pussycat Dolls Burlesque Revue. I highly doubt with Kimberly’s packed schedule (seemingly the only doll really working), Nicole apparently shooting a music video for “Don’t Hold Your Breath” probably out in Britian (the only place willing to give her music a listen), Melody most likely in NYC still (she lives on my block!), and the other girls working their own careers doesn’t seem like they’d all get together for a reunion concert. Unless, this will be Nicole and the 4 new girls? We’ll have to see. The show’s TOMORROW! I’ll definitely have the updates for you when the come in.

While its a longshot, I really would love to see PCD at it again. They were one of the few girl groups who managed to really make an impact and their music was always top notch. Wish the other girls got more chances (especially Melody because the girl can SANG!) but I’d be happy with whatever!

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