J-Hud is back!!!!! The beautiful 80-pound lighter Grammy & Oscar winning diva Jennifer Hudson returned on the scene today with a ton of new info for us! Her official website was renovated with the happy promotional picture I’ve cropped at the left for your viewing. We also got the title and date of the album we didn’t even know was coming this year called I Remember Me available March 22nd!

On the website is also a preview of her first single off the album titled “Where You At.” What is looking to be a powerful R&B ballad is just perfect for J-Hud, and I think this song is going to be welcomed with open arms by listeners. You can listen to a 30-preview of the song HERE at Jennifer’s site, and you will get an early download of the song next week if you pre-order her new album at the site. Exciting! I’m on the verge if I should pre-order or not.

This marks the beginning of Jennifer’s second album era, which is a little funny to think about all she’s accomplished with only one album under her belt. I love this woman and cannot wait to see what’s coming next! Take a listen HERE and pre-order the album there as well. Who’s excited?!

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