We all remember and are aware of Mya, but lately the girl’s been struggling music-wise. According to her Twitter account, she’s always in the recording studio but it always seems like for reasons other than an official US release. The trend continues as Mya’s new single prepared for Japan was released today titled “Fabulous Life.” Mya’s last 2 albums were only released in Japan, the latest getting a physical and digital nationwide release (versus the previous only getting a digital release). So to keep up with the success she’s been getting in Japan, Mya hooked up with big Japanese producer Jeff Miyahara. Miyahara has worked with big Asian Pop acts (Japanese Pop, if you didn’t catch on) names such as 4Minute (who worked with another underrated American R&B singer Amerie) as well as Crystal Kay and Jasmine.

The song has some 80’s influences, but a lot of what we’re hearing are the sounds that are becoming big trends in the Asian pop music. It’s got a big electropop chorus complete with synthesizers and a big, fun, high-pitched chorus that makes it extremely fun and an enjoyable listen. The track is very light-hearted and I could definitely seeing it making dents on the Japanese charts.

Mya may actually be ahead of other singers these days by not only changing up her tune for music that will not only be accepted and loved in Japan, but also has the potential to cross over to other territories. There are so many indications that the Asian music market is going to find success in the US that Mya is waaaay ahead of anyone else when it comes to finding the new hot producers and trying for success in these specific markets. I hope the best for her since American hasn’t had a new album from Mya (except for that lackluster mixtape) since 2003! She should have capitalized on her regained interest from Dancing With The Stars but failed to do so…oh well. Good luck Mya!

Have a fun listen with Mya below:

Thanks to The Prophet Blog for the J-Pop info!

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