Multidimensional Music BorderIf you saw my Jennifer Lopez Mega Post earlier, you’ll see just how hard the Latina Diva is coming this era and with her new single “On The Floor” featuring Pitbull you’ll see she IS not messing around! The new single (accompanied by some BEAUTIFUL cover art that you can click on to the left for HQ) was helped crafted by hot, but unoriginal, producer RedOne (who is responsible for Lady GaGa & Kat DeLuna‘s sound as well helping Sean Kingston, Enrique Iglesias, and Nicole Scherzinger among others earn some hits). The song is clearly inspired by the current success of the hit single “Stereo Love” by Romanian musicians Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina with very present Eastern European influences. While at some times the song comes off as a complete rip off of that song, it does hold its own and makes for an extremely hot dance song. I know I’m going to be using this as a pump-up song for awhile now.

If a song like this can’t get a hit for JLo I don’t know what will. Having the featured rapper of the moment Pitbull (in a very good rap sequences–sometimes he can just come off as annoying), a RedOne production, a huge similarity to an already hit song, and then a somewhat childish yet quite catchy “la la la” section, as well as Jenny’s recent endorsements with American Idol, L’Oreal Paris, & Gilette that are going to put her everywhere–its got to work! Its got all the right parts of the equation, lets just hope it doesn’t blow up in everyone’s faces.

Chris Brown also just had a new pop single leak out, titled”Beautiful People” featuring Benna Bennasi. Chris takes the hot approach of single releases by going with a mid-tempo as the follow-up to the initial up-tempo (more on that in another post). The first thing I need to say is that Benny Bennasi is a wonderful producer (he’s the one responsible for the absolutely addicting and now classic dance song “Satisfaction”). The next thing I need to say is that Benny Bennasi is not a wonderful singer. While its still not 100% confirmed, I believe that is Benny on the chorus of the song (although at times it does sound like Chris) and he sounds so weak as a singer that I cannot believe a professional recording company would let his voice on it–on the chorus at that! The chorus is supposed to be the most memorable part of the song and here they have an amateur on it. Horrible move. But the company or Chris probably wanted the beat and track so bad that they had to agree to put him on it or he wouldn’t have let it go. I’m assuming that was the case because he sounds quite bad on it. The production is pretty tight and Chris sounds good, but I still think he sounds strongest on R&B/urban music rather than the Europop route he’s taken with this single and “Yeah 3x.” I actually don’t expect this to be much of a hit since its really just got too many weak points. It’ll be all over the clubs, but not necessarily mainstream radio.

In conclusion, YES! to J. Lo. Eh…to Chris Brown. Take your listens below:

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