Well here’s something I was not expecting! The band Angels & Airwaves is gearing up to release their fourth studio album on March 22nd and is planning to do so in a BIG way. While I am no expert on their music, what I have heard from them has been very cinematic & almost movie score-like with their arrangements (not so much when they sing). So why not go full-fledged with the concept and make a movie?!

Well that’s exactly AvA plans to do! The members (that consist of members from Offspring, Box Car Racer, 30 Seconds to Mars, and Rocket from the Crypt) have brought together a new movie called “Love” (which is also the title of their third album) that seems to be about everything from space travel to The Civil War to romance. So basically, everything found in Time Magazine.

While making movies to coincide with an album release isn’t necessarily a new idea (50 Cent did with his latest album and Diddy claimed Last Train To Paris would be–it wasn’t just like a lot of other promises he makes) but doing a release in theaters is where the movie would usually be packaged with the CD. The sci-fi film directed by the relatively unexperienced William Eubank is set to hit select cities on February 14th (awww how cute a film called “Love” out on Valentine’s Day! Gag…) so while its not going to be a nationwide promotion this has the potential to make huge exposure and awareness for this upcoming album. Especially if everyone picks up on them being the first do so and the interest builds from that. I personally think Angels & Airwaves want to be the new Coldplay or something, and are going HUGE with this release so that they can gain as much exposure as possible. They already have my attention and I’ve barely listened to them. Check out the trailer below:

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