Aggro Santo and Kimberly Walsh have teamed up on the rapper’s third single titled “Like U Like.” First, a little bit of background. I really have no idea who Aggro Santo is. I’m kind of getting a British version of Pitbull vibe from him, but other than his insanely catchy first single “Candy” featuring Kimberly Wyatt (he also seems to have a thing for ladies in girl bands?) I haven’t heard any other of his music. He apparently had a Top 20 second single and some mixtapes, and his official first album comes out in 2 weeks on January 31st. Moving on to his featured guest, Kimberly Walsh is a member of the most popular and successful girl band in The UK Girls Aloud. I never really paid much attention to Kimberly and always saw her as the sweet but uninteresting one in the group. I usually forget about her…and I’m not the only one.

Yet moving on, the two got together for their first performance on Daybreak this morning. After some awkward small talk with the host, the two started their performance and just like their single…the performance only had a few nice moments. I really like the hook of Kimberly’s part, and that’s about all thats truly remarkable about this track. and she always did that part good! But the song is not vocally challenging, but sometimes Kimberly sounded really out of tune and couldn’t even get some notes out. I’ve always read that Kim was one of the Girls Aloud members that could actually sing. She DID look like the only person who bothered to get ready for the performance though…(I feel bad for insulting her, she just seems so wholesome!).

Aggro was good at his rapping, but I just can’t take him seriously mostly as he keeps repeating “like!” after every single damn time Kim sings the “Like U Like” line. Maybe its the songwriters fault?

Regardless, for a lackluster song, a lackluster performance was only expected. The song works as a warm up to better songs, and I think once Aggro & Kimberly really find their artistry they’ll be able to make much better music. Check it out below:

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