Pushing along with one of the strongest pop albums relesaed in 2010, Nadine is preparing her second single “Put Your Hands Up” from her debut solo album Insatiable. To guarantee a hit somewhere, Nadine is taking the same route everyone else who makes great music but can’t get a hit for some reason (Christina, Kylie, Solange, Kelis, etc.) and getting some top notch remixes of the music to at least their songs playing at the clubs. (Note to self: Explore maybe if its the production of the music that people don’t feel. Note over.) Nadine has enlisted top remixers in the game Dave Aude (who just produced Nicole Scherzinger’s new single “Don’t Hold Your Breath”), Armin Van Buuren, and others for the second single off of her album that debuted at #47 in The UK.

Luckily for Nadine, if the remixes are this good she could find people taking a second interest in her! Dave Aude’s remix breathes a completely new life into the album taking what was the sassy with somewhat sad trumpet sounds in the original and giving it a complete dance makeover. The most obvious change is the slowed down vocals, which I don’t really like, but it does work with the music. Aude also does some really interesting layerings with Nadine’s vocals that were already present on the original track, but he really does bring it to the next dimension.

The remix clocks in at 5:38, but if people ended up really digging this remix (as does sometimes happen in The UK–even the likes of Kelly Rowland and Faith Evans found hits with big remixes of their singles) it could end up being a bit of a hit for the beautiful Nadine. I leave you now with the remix and then one of my favorite videos showcasing Nadine’s amazing accent:

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