Controversial (but actually extremely down to earth) lead singer of band The Gossip, Beth Ditto, is preparing her very first EP as a solo artist. Clearly inspired by her previous collaboration with Simian Mobile Disco on their amazing “Cruel Intentions” (posted below) Beth has the group producing three tracks for her upcoming release titled Beth Ditto EP.

The first track we’ve been offered is “Open Heart Surgery.” Here we are basically thrown into the 80’s by hearing synthesizers that sound as if they come from that actual decade and not produced by RedOne. I love how Beth makes her lyrics about the girl the song is about and doesn’t just tell a story about the safe boy and girl, but instead is proud of her lesbianism and sings to a girl! This song is really cool and is clearly such a departure from the punk rock sound The Gossip are so well known for.

The second course is “Goodnight Good Morning.” The song sees some really interesting effects done to Beth’s vocals on the verses, and then in what is a HUGE departure from the usual yell-singing she does with The Gossip is her in a controlled, relaxed, dare I say beautiful vocals on the chorus? Along with lush synthesizers surrounding her voice and little electronic embellishments here and there, and the best part? It’s a 7 minute song! The song is truly dreamy with Beth repeating the title making me just want to crawl up in the electronic music cloud she’s created. “Goodnight Good Morning” takes the electronic ballad to a new level and I was actually obsessed from the first listen. This song is a must listen if you only want to listen to one (and then you’ll want to listen to more).

The last track we get is “Do You Need Someone.” Again we are thrown right back into the 80’s that is clearly proving to be a huge influence for this project. This song reminds me of “Cruel Intentions” at first, but definitely takes on a life of its own once its the chorus. The chorus sees Beth going into her very strong head voice and when she asks me if “Do you need someone? Someone you can run to? Are you all alone?” I just want to come crying to her about all my failed relationships and for a second I completely forget what she actually looks like.

In conclusion, Beth Ditto has made some AMAZING music with her upcoming EP. There are reports saying it will be released internationally in March. I will definitely be checking up on her for performances and promotion because there are so many exciting things that can come with this music! For now, I’m obsessed and a new fan. Keep it up Beth, you sexy bitch!

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