Well today’s been an exciting day for music videos! One of Britian’s finiest Ellie Goulding has had the music video for her song “Lights” premiere today. The was originally planned to be the lead single for Ellie’s new mini-album/re-release/the new way of capitalizing current musical popularity Bright Lights, but was instead replaced by her cover of Elton John‘s “Your Song” that hit #2 in The UK giving Ellie her best charting single yet.

So while releasing “Your Song” was apparently a good move career-wise, the actual song “Lights” is far superior to the pretty cover. The music video is basically huge hits and huge misses though. There are times where the video uses really cool lighting and effects to not only showcase Ellie’s beauty but show really interesting angles and views. Yet there are other times where the video’s shots just look cheap and unpolished, making me think this video is actually an unintentional leak instead of a promotional video.

Regardless of its purpose, this song should bode well for Ellie whose next single is still up in the air. Especially because “Lights” is available on both UK & US iTunes, should give it a nice boost on the digital charts and get a little more Ellie out there. Perhaps her label is testing the waters for this song as the first single in the US? Her album is set to come out here sometime in the spring (I’m hearing March).

Check out Ellie’s “Lights” music video by CLICKING HERE.

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