Cee Lo Green continues to push on with his well deserved popularity with two performances at Saturday Night Live last night. The show was hosted by Gwyneth Paltrow who recently took on covering the clean version of his now signature “Fuck You” song for “Glee.” Cee Lo also let slip that he and Gwenyth are recording a special version of the song together this week, yet Gwyneth did not confirm or deny the duet when asked while promoting her new film “Country Strong.”

But getting back to the performances at hand, complete with an interesting LED set piece that had different colors and images displayed throughout the performances and his entire (hot) female backing band Cee Lo proved to put on a pretty good show starting off first with his equally amazing, but not as catchy “Bright Lights, Bigger City” track off of his new album The Lady Killer. Cee Lo nailed it vocally, and the only complaint comes from the band who did this weird ambient/trance sound that overpowered the rest of the instruments and made me think the music was coming from somewhere else since I didn’t think that it could possibly be coming from this performance.

Cee Lo then made everyone wait for the song everyone was waiting to hear “Fuck You” well it was “Forget You” on live television that he really nailed. Cee Lo has come a long way since his first bout of promotional appearances where he’d perform this song sitting on a stool (like on The Colbert Report). He still wasn’t the most interesting performer, but he sounded great and did what he could. The songs are so great and the set up was interesting enough to make up for the lack of on stage antics. Either way, Cee Lo is doing his thing not only with this album but with his performances now. Although I think he should call Melody Thornton (not Lauren Bennett who’s actually featured on the song) to do some hot performances of “Love Gun.” Anyway, check out the performances of The Lady Killer himself below:

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