Tinie Tempah and Ellie Goulding used The Brits Launch as the platform for their premiere performance of their new single “Wonderman.” The pretty epic electropop song, taken off of Tinie’s album Disc-Overy, requires a lot of fancy production and vocal editing, but the two ended up pulling off the performance wonderfully.

Tinie started off the performance strong, for the most part nailing his rapping. Ellie then came on stage later, and while their on-stage interactions could have been more natural and involved, they still ended up pulling off the performance great. Ellie really did an awesome job with her ad-libs on Tinie’s verses, and the only complaint is her not doing the really cool big note at the end of the bridge. Still, Ellie did a great drum solo that’s seemingly become a trademark of her performances.

This was a great kick-off performance for the two, and hopefully will translate into a hit single for them. The two are both one of the biggest contenders for the upcoming Brit Awards, and this should definitely keep them on the voters mind. Check out the performance below, and make sure you took a listen to “Wonderman” if you haven’t yet.

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