Ciara’s new single has finally been announced while the two current singles continue to go nowhere. “Turn It Up” featuring labelmate Usher will be the next single from Ci Ci’s struggling new album Basic Instinct. It is being reported that the song will be sent to mainstream and urban radio on March 8th. And now here is the good and the bad with this piece of news:

The Good: “Turn It Up” is an EXCELLENT single choice, and should have been released as the second single instead of “Gimme Dat” and “Speechless.” The song has a great beat and is extremely hot while still staying true to Ciara’s unique style. This is most definitely the song to bring her back to the top of the charts and have the general public be checking for Ciara music.

The Bad: WHY is it being released on March 8th?! That is over a month away, and for the so obviously struggling album (it missed the Top 40 when it was released at #44 with 35,000 copies sold during peak holiday sales) it will do nothing but give a minor bump back. They should be in crisis mode with one of their biggest urban stars failing to even hit the Top 40 albums, so they need to release this ASAP. The new singles had their chances with music videos and television performances, but it didn’t do anything. NEXT!!!!

So while “Turn It Up” is a GREAT single choice, if they want any help with this album they need to release it NOW. Ciara’s done her part (?) by tweeting out the lyrics to the song for the past days…but she also tweeted that she has “SOOO much to share with you guys! Can’t wait” so maybe she’ll  have some explanations on her or her label’s part as to why this album is truly tanking. Maybe she’s in negotiations to leave Jive and this is the soonest they can get the single out? Let’s hope we learn something because Ciara should not be flopping the way she is, c’mon Ci Ci! Take a listen to the future (hopefully…anything’s up in the air at this point) hit below–but know you really need a CD quality recording of it to get the full effect, I can’t find a good quality video:

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