Wynter Gordon has been one of my favorite new artists hustling for quite some time now. Hitting the circuit in 2008 with a leak of her R&B-tinged single “Surveillance” Wynter has stayed a blog and producer favorite (she’s been featured on David Guetta and Freemasons tracks) for awhile with everyone pushing for her.

And it looks like Wynter’s finally hitting it big! Despite the song being out for several months, Wynter’s debut single (originally labeled a buzz single, but eventually her label couldn’t ignore the love after the song hit #1 on the Billboard Dance Charts) “Dirty Talk” has just hit #1 in Australia (music video is below if you’ve been living under a rock/haven’t been to a gay dance club)! After a big promotional tour throughout the continent “Dirty Talk” finally has hit the top spot; and rightly so! The UK is next to receive Wynter’s single, and I could see a similar climb there since the song really is the a perfect mainstream creation.

Australia is sometimes an early indicator of success for new acts. Australia was the country to first show a ton of love to Lady GaGa before the rest of the world did which is why the music video for “Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)” was created just to be released there while everyone else was still just getting obsessed with “Just Dance” and “Poker Face.” Wynter has all the potential to follow in the same footsteps as GaGa–she’s NYC raised, started as a songwriter (for Jennifer Lopez none the less!), and is working with new producers for upcoming debut album. She’s also gained a following of her own called the ‘Wynter Warriors’ that are definitely celebrating a big victory with their idol’s first #1.

Always grinding, Wynter has also released a new cover she did of Rusko and Amber‘s “Hold On.” The big dubstep song shows again Wynter’s versatility as a singer and all the different type of music she can do. A pretty voice with hardhitting dubstep production? Oh yes! While it sounds a little unfinished and is a little hard to hear her on the chorus, if the song is officially released I’m sure it’ll be cleaned up. If not, this is a musical treat regardless! Definitely a recommended listen!

So the point of this post? Wynter’s on the wing (Secret Garden anyone?) and she’s about to blow up! Don’t be behind, get into her now!

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