Ke$ha‘s dive into the urban scene has been co-signed by one of urban’s greats! Andre 3000 has added his own verses to Ke$ha’s first foray into true urban music on the Bangladesh (responsible for Lil Wayne‘s “A Milli” & new “6 Foot, 7 Foot,” and Beyonce‘s “Diva”) produced “Sleazy.”

The remix doesn’t necessarily bring anything new to the table other than a rapper added to beginning; it is nice to hear Andre back again. What I’m hoping this remix does is bring about another wave of publicity for this really great track of Ke$ha’s. It shows a different side of her, and has some really dirty lyrics that you can’t help but love (see: “Rat tat tat tat on your dumb dum drum, the beat so phat gonna make me come….um, um, um over to your place!”).

Also if this remix proves to be popular and really get people talking, it could help influence Ke$ha’s label release this more risky, but MUCH more interesting single versus all the safe records she’s recorded. *Fingers crossed!*

So take a listen to this updated version of “Sleazy” if you haven’t yet and hear Ke$ha rap (yes, she raps) about her favorite topics from stealing your drinks once you leave your table, circle jerks, and “the immensity of the fuck she’s not giving.” Amazing.

“Sleazy (Remix featuring Andre 3000)” Ke$ha

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