Continuing to further show the integration of social media and music, one of pop’s biggest stars Katy Perry will make a “special annoucement” at the Facebook headquarters in California this Wednesday.

Billboard has speculated the announcement could be anything from a concert stream connected with Facebook to a new feature on the site. I highly doubt its a new feature on the site since Facebook just recently made the new profile design standard for all its users (meaning I have to make sure nothing embarrassing is revealed about me right off the bat when if people stalk look at my profile).

Facebook, as the main company, has never been to involved with music features and typically letting other applications like iLike or DTR Music or companies deal with music on their own platforms. MySpace was much more involved when it came to site-wide musical promotions. Yet even with a complete makeover, MySpace is still not looking to be the platform to launch music at so maybe Facebook is taking that position?

Regardless, if you have Katy Perry making a “special announcement” for your company–its going to be music, its going to be pop, and its going to be big. Stayed tuned…you know we’ll have all the industry news as well as the music news here at Multidimensional Music.

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