One of the hottest producers out there Danja recently spoke with MTV about the upcoming Britney Spears album and revealed the general sound and where she’s at in finishing the project.

First about the sound, Danja (who worked with Brit on some of her best songs to date including “Gimme More,” “Break The Ice,” “Get Naked (I Got A Plan)” amongst others) spoke about the direction of the album which is sounding more like the spectacular 2007 Blackout (the album photoshoot where this post’s photo is from) saying:

I don’t know what the project will end up being, but we’ll see. We did have a meeting like a year ago, and they wanted it to sound urban, hard-hitting, not so much dance, but just that similar sound…I just took my track level up. I just wanted to make sure it’s still hard-hitting and still that same energy that people heard, but very today’s time.

So that’s good to hear that Britney won’t be capitalizing on the current dance sounds very much, but instead go for “hard-hitting” I love it! But Danja also revealed some somewhat concerning details about where the album is in terms of being finished:

Still recording. She still has songs to cut, but we’ll see what happens…I don’t know what the project will end up being, but we’ll see…I haven’t been in with her yet. It’s just been us writing and creating and really nailing a sound or a song more than anything.

So she hasn’t even been with Danja yet? Meaning she still has material to record. While Danja could be the last producer to record with (he’s the only one to go on interviews about the album so far, so maybe that’s why they left him til the end?) but he may not be. Regardless, this new album is coming out in less than 2 months. Hopefully it doesn’t end up too rushed and they finish on time. I’m not too worried about it being finished, but I would usually think albums to be pretty much done and the sound to be solidified by the time the first single is out as to not cause confusion. But maybe it someone like Britney Spears’ case that doesn’t even matter. We’ll see! I’m excited for the material anyway, I really hope she doesn’t disappoint!

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