Do you remember quirky little Regina Spektor? She had a hit with her song “Fidelity” a.k.a. the song that goes “It breaks my heart, It break my ha-ah-Ah-ah-Ah-ah-Ah-ah-eart…” You know it.

What you didn’t end up hearing is all the other great music that Regina has to offer as well! The beautiful “Sampson,” the catchy “On The Radio,” the confident “Edit,” and fan favorite “Hotel Song,” are just some of the top tracks from Regina’s debut CD.

Complete with odd lyrics that force you to pay attention, beautiful piano runs, and Regina’s soft, powerful, and ultimately extremely interesting voice make this effort extremely worth the cheap price you can only find today at AmazonMP3. The album dabbles in every feeling from fun and light to haunting and mysterious. It’s approved by me and you don’t want to miss out! You end up saving $7.89 if you ended up buying the songs separately.

So what are you waiting for? Click HERE to download Regina Spektor’s “Begin To Hope” for only $3.99 on AmazonMP3 today!

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