Icon alert!! The legendary Stevie Nicks (who I noticed was on Ellen DeGeneres this week which was interesting to me but I forget to report it) had an exciting day unloading a ton of news today.

The first being that Stevie is coming out with a new CD–her first studio album in 10 years! Stevie Nick’s new album’s title is In Your Dreams and will be released May 3, 2011. On Stevie’s website you can pre-order the new CD where you can get a preview of what I’m presuming to be the album cover.

Upon pre-order of the new album, you’ll get an instant download of the first single from the project titled “Secret Love.” There is a preview of the song available to hear that sees Nicks sounding as strong as ever vocally, and her music having a somewhat folky/country flavor to it. It was a little off setting at first being a fan of edgy songs like “Edge of Seventeen,” “Stand Back,” and the more recent “Sorcerer,” but the more I hear it the more I think I’ll really like the full version. You can hear and check all that out by clicking HERE!

If that wasn’t enough for ya, Stevie appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today along with fellow legend in his own right Rod Stewart to announce a joint tour in 2011 called the “Heart & Soul” 2011 US Tour. I’m SURE that will be a big seller this year!

And last but not least (have you ever made it through this post without turning on your favorite Stevie jam?!) Stevie also went on to perform her classic “Stand Back” on Ellen today as well. Her microphone complete with chains and a black scarf, her 62-year old self looked great and while a little rough around the edges at first Stevie sounded great. She even did her own dance breakdown in the guitar break that truly competes with Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” dance in terms of technicality*. Yet Stevie ended extremely strong with a big note at the end confirming that she will not disappoint on this tour.

*Slightly exaggerated.

Check out the performance as well as Stevie & Rod announcing the news, talking about each artists’ favorite songs of the others, with the always amazing Ellen below:

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