Lil’ Kim has dropped two new tracks today that are sure to get people talking–but not necessarily in a positive light. The first is her Nicki Minaj diss track “Clap Clap” featuring unknown male rapper I.R.S. (which I’ve posted a picture of her on set on the left). While The Queen Bee is looking better than she ever has, you can’t say the same for her music. I respect Lil’ Kim for all she started for female rappers and she remains one of my favorites, she is definitely embarrassing herself with this Nicki business. Not only is Nicki killing her in terms of her work ethic (EVERYONE wants Nicki on their track now…when was the last time you heard Lil’ Kim pop up on a feature?) but Nicki is also killing her music-wise…and I didn’t even really like Minaj’s debut CD that much.

Kim describe “Clap Clap” as a ‘club banger’ but this song is the farthest thing from that. With an unenthusiastic beat that has a nice old school feel to it, it just doesn’t work. Even on the chorus with what could be a catchy catchphrase with “clap clap,” it just comes off as tired. Kim’s rapping is also pretty bland in comparison to what she’s shown before. Especially with the always animated AND excited Nicki Minaj, Kim can’t sit back and just rap–she needs to REALLY bring it if she wants to compete as hard as she’s coming. Also, if this a diss track for someone Kim has a problem with…why is she putting unknown rapper I.R.S. on it? I think in the end, he raps more than her. What?! Can’t she fight Nicki herself? All and all, the song is not what it needs to be and basically ends up embarrassing Kim. Granted this is a tagged version, but I don’t expect the full version to come out any better.

And then here’s something interesting…Lil’ Kim has also dropped her own remix of Nicki Minaj’s mentor and boss Lil Wayne‘s “6 Foot, 7 Foot.” Huh? And here’s another kicker–she does so much better on this remix than she does with on her diss track. Huh?!? She has her new sidekick I.R.S. on this track as well (who seems set on starting his own beef with Nicki’s friend Kanye West) and he is nothing special either. A nice remix, but this is not Kim’s song. If she needs a hot beat like this to spit some fire, than she should fork out the money. Unfortunately, I feel like Kim is struggling that department too seen from her taking a gig in Massachusetts (?) to ring in the New Year…

Ultimately I think this is a problem of Kim wanting to talk big, but not having the resources to back her big talking up. If Lil’ Kim wants to compete with someone like Nicki Minaj, she is going to have to go her own route and go much harder and give a lot more than she’s doing currently. It’ll be interesting what happens when Kim comes out with a CD (these tracks have been confirmed to just be for an upcoming mixtape) and how Nicki’s huge fanbase responds. It reminds me somewhat of how when Lady GaGa‘s loyal fanbase thought Christina Aguilera was making remarks and jabs at her causing a huge amount of bad press that even led to Perez “Piggy” Hilton to start dissing Xtina on his site. You just don’t mess with those on top unless you can back it up, and while Christina could–her material just didn’t end up resonating. Kim is in bigger trouble I think.

Take a listen to the tracks below and give me your takes on the current Lil Kim/Nicki Minaj beef:

“Clap Clap” Lil’ Kim featuring I.R.S. (Free Download)

“6 Foot, 7 Foot (Remix)” Lil’ Kim featuring I.R.S. (Free Download)

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