Similar to what Kanye West did with his popular G.O.O.D. Fridays, and what Swizz Beatz and RZA of Wu Tang Clan are doing on their own days, Timbaland is kicking off what is most likely actually promotion for his upcoming album Shock Value III by giving away free downloads of songs each Thursday before the album (without a release date or first single in sight) comes out.

What is particularly exciting about Timbaland doing an unreleased track each week is that there are a lot of options and artists that could come from the super producer. Tim has been in the game over 10 years creating and recreating the sounds for iconic artists such as Aaliyah (may she R.I.P.), Missy Elliott, Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Nelly Furtado, as well working with an abundance of different artists and sounds.

Timbaland is asking his fans what they want to hear on the his Timbaland Thursdays site, where you can check out the fans suggestions and add your own HERE. Here’s what I’m hoping we end up hearing from Timbaland with this new music:

1. “Personalities” Samantha Mumba

The clip of the first song in the above clip is the song “Personalities” that was rumored to be Samantha Mumba’s (you remember her right? One of 2000’s pop it girls with songs “Gotta Tell You” and “Baby Come On Over,” you do YouTube her now) comeback single back in 2008. Unfortunately, this song and Samatha’s comeback never saw the light of day. Even now in 2011 this song never got leaked out which is odd. This song though sounds SO good. It’s got guitar riffs rushing through it, some soulful back up singers making an eerie chorus lead-up, a technology altered voice going crazy in the background (perhaps the other PERSONALITY Sam’s singing about?!), and interesting lyrics that I’m dying to hear the rest of. I play this clip a lot (I’m not as interested in the other 2 songs…they may or may not be produced by Timbaland) and its even one of my ringtones. DYING to hear it!

2. Anything with Tweet

While I may be one of the few people still dying for new Tweet music, my appetite may finally get somewhat satiated with Timbaland Thursdays. Timbo was responsible for Tweet’s #1 R&B single “Oops! (Oh My)” that was the kickoff to Tweet’s literally flawless debut album Southern Hummingbird going platinum. There was a rumor back in 2009 that Tweet was actually making her comeback with a new single titled “Procrastination” featuring Missy Elliot and Timbaland himself–I believe it was actually Tim that said this track was coming. It never did. I have my fingers crossed that it finally comes because if its anything like them featured on Ginuwine’s “Get Invovled” it was hot. C’mon for unreleased Tweet!

3. Lindsay Lohan Material

Lindsay Lohan’s third album has been delayed several times for unspecified reasons……….but it has been confirmed that Timbaland was working on it. Lindsay’s first two albums had some standout tracks like Rumors (above), Confessions Of A Broken Heart, My Innocence, Who Loves You, To Know Your Name, La Bella Vita, among others. Yet most of these were very rock/punk influenced, and Lindsay has said that this album will be more dance oriented making Timbaland a great producer for the album. Lindsay is actually really creative and Timbaland can be pretty creative as well with some of his experimental work. The results could be really interesting.

These are a ton of collaborations that could also that I’d be equally excited about that don’t necessarily involve some of my favorite female singers. Remember Timbaland has worked extensively with artists like Brandy, Magoo, Keri Hilson, Ginuwine, Nicole Scherzinger, JoJo, Esthero, SoShy, and SO many more all who I’d love to hear. There could be some really exciting tracks we end up hearing, and you know I’ll be posting them right when they come!

Remember you can tell Timbaland what you want to hear and feel free to discuss in the comments!

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