Just as news popped up about her former group the Sugababes releasing a second greatest hits album, where her voice would be present on almost all of the material, Keisha Buchanan has come out with a new song “Under Control.” Whether this is her first single (sounds a little unfinished) or just a sneaky leak to remind everyone she’s still here…I’m glad its here!

The song has a unique beat that sounds like it could be something The Sugababes could have used when they were the unique pop group they used to be. Keisha modernizes things with some fun autotune, never allowing it to become too much but instead letting it enhance the song. Keisha also includes some great harmonies on the track that give it that classic girl group sound she became famous for that should satisfy Sugababe fans as well as new ones.

If someone wanted to be cynical, we could say how this is a blatant response to Keisha’s infamous abrupt boot from the band she helped create in 2009. Just take a look at the lyrics of the chorus:

I’m so cool without you here. I don’t need no stress, get you out of here. I’m burning up, burning up. Hit the button good to go. Turn it up, turn it up. I got under control.

*Let it also be known that the Sugababes had a #1 single “Push The Button” that also is the name to their new greatest hits collection Push The Button: The Collection. Not starting anything, but there are many other ways to say someone’s good to go…and that’s just the chorus! There are other subtle hints of Keisha being better than her past. Hmmmm.

No official word from Ms. Buchanan yet, but whether if its a first single or a convenient leak…it all shows Keisha’s not playing around and she’s ready to “take back her crown” as she says in the song. Take a listen:

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