French band Yelle is back with their new single “Safari Disco Club.” I’ve only listened to a couple of Yelle’s tracks, but everyone I know who’s music tastes I respect love Yelle and if this new single is anything to base an interest off of, well I’m interested!

The song’s already awesome from the get go with the title, I mean can you beat “Safari Disco Club?” I didn’t think so.

The tribal beats begin the song and then Yelle comes in with some chant-like singing/yelling before heading into a synthed-up first chorus. The second verses take us back to the tribal sounds and chants, before diving into an electronic breakdown before heading back to the chorus again. After this we get the two worlds combine having dance and electronic music over tribal drums making the end of the song truly great leaving the each member of the safari disco club completely satisfied.

Yes, the song’s in French. No, I don’t speak French (so I’ll let the funky music do the talkin….Girls Aloud fans anyone?!) but it hardly matters since the I have listened to this song several times loving more with each listen.

Yelle’s new album is titled the same as this song Safari Disco Club which you can check out the single cover above and then the album cover to the left here. If all the music stays in this same vain, I’ll be completely exuberant! Look out for it in the US and Canada March 29th. In the meantime, enjoy a completely guilt-free download courtesy of Yelle themselves below:

“Safari Disco Club” Yelle

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