Adele is really picking up the headlines lately with her heavy promo throughout Europe for her new album coming in less than 2 weeks. Today at a radio station in Barcelona, the beautiful songstress premiered a new ballad “Don’t You Remember” set to be included on 21.

In a similar vain to the other material already heard from 21 the song tells of a past love and the thoughts still lingering about them. Yet this song stands strong on its own by having an impressive chorus with long, drawn out notes that should wow many when Adele (hopefully) continues to perform the track. The lyrics particularly struck me as well, my favorite being “But I know I have a fickle heart, and a bitterness. And a wandering eye, and a heaviness in my head.” Amazing.

The song puts itself at risk by getting into the cliche zone complete with a key change before the final chorus, but it ends up staying safe and completely genuine. Combined with Adele’s humble approach to singing, I doubt any music of hers could actually end up being thought of as cliched anyway.

While this was a live performance, we only heard Adele with her (quite zealous) piano player, I’m sure the studio version will be quite a treat as well. Gosh, 21 is turning out to be extremely anticipated for me! I’m so excited! Check the performance below. Are you excited for Adele’s new album?

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