The Sugababes are preparing for a new ‘Best Of’ collection to be released on February 28th despite just obtaining a new lineup with new member Jade Ewen replacing the last member of the band’s original lineup Keisha Buchanan. With just three new singles with their new member, it should come as no surprise that the collection is looking more like just a record label push since it has been listed for just £3.99.

The low price gives an indication that there are no huge promotional plans for the album and is most likely just a label scheme to take advantage of any love there still is for the Sugababes since their last album tanked on the charts by briefly debuting at #14 in the UK before falling off. Their last greatest hits debuted at #3 in the UK and went on to be certified platinum.

While they were bubbling in controversy by swiftly kicking out Kiesha and putting in Jade (which probably means we’ll never get that solo album…a shame, she had some good material leak out) the group managed to get all their songs in the Top 10, but that was mostly due the singles being released that week, and they usually fell after hitting the Top 10 for a week. Those singles were the last Kiesha-assisted single “Get Sexy” which was so-so, and then the superior “About A Girl.” The second album single was produced by RedOne when he was really hot and had a ton of mainstream appeal. This was also Jade’s first appearance in the group. I think the song’s lackluster chart position (#8) was an indication of the public’s unease and loyalty to the last member who started the Sugababes. And then there was the horrendous “Wear My Kiss” which hit #7.

The group is probably in the midst of big changes and looking for a fresh start with their next album. Perhaps a good single from this new collection (which I’ll be interested to see if Jade will end up performing older material and how she does) will get them in the good graces of the public and they can attempt to comeback. They are good performers, I love the harmonies they do with when they perform. Just watch (well mostly listen since they just stand there…and their dancing is nothing spectacular in other performances anyway) to them cover Florence + The Machine’s amazing song “Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up).” Definitely a recommended listen–there’s potential for you girls! What do you think is happening next for the Sugababes??

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