Well 1-11-11 sure lived up to its name for Ms. Britney Spears (whose weave roots are looking a little ratty in the new promotional shot released today at the left). The pop star have a bevy of exciting news today as her new single “Hold It Against Me” hit #1 on iTunes in the matter of 8 hours. This would have been a record making it the fastest climb to #1 in iTunes history, except that Taylor Swift still has that record with her single “Mine” hitting #1 in 4 hours earlier in 2010 (it should also be noted that Swift’s song was released at 4 PM, a time when a lot of people are on their computers and downloading music, versus when Spears released at midnight, not as popular of a time).

Spears also has another #1 to add to her list today as “Hold It Against Me” smashes the record for first day radio spins getting 705 spins in comparison to the former record held by Mariah Carey’s “We Belong Together” of 498 spins. Looks like radio really did pick up on it!

What seems to be causing the most excitement and controvery of the several headlines Brit’s snagged today has been about her possibly performing at The 2011 Grammy Awards. At first it seemed like she would, then she wouldn’t, and now the question is still in the air but I’m leaning more towards that she will not. People Magazine are reporting that Britney’s record label have denied any type of performance at the Grammys, but MuuMuse (a REALLY great blog if you haven’t check it out yet run by a friend of mine 🙂 ) is reporting that the performance will happen–not only a performance but a medley of a performance including the new single. MuuMuse is extremely reliable by having the exclusive information of the title “Hold It Against Me” before anyone else and has not taken down their claim that the performance is happening. Still I’m skeptical since The Grammys are about real singing and talent, and Britney Spears is much much more of an entertainer than a vocalist. I don’t see how The Recording Academy would allow her to lip synch through an entire medley of hit singles on the stage of The Grammy Awards; even they wouldn’t sink that low–maybe they would though? Their ratings have been up recently, but this could be a surefire to get a TON of viewers. Hmmm. I was using The Grammy theory as my main evidence of why she wouldn’t perform, but I may have to change that. Regardless, I’m still standing by that she will not perform. That’s just my prediction.

So that’s your daily dose of Britney today, I wonder what 1/12/11 will bring for her?! Keep checking back…we are constantly updating throughout the day and night, so you don’t need to read anywhere else!

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