Adele continues to impress all over the globe with her promotional efforts for the upcoming 21 album which I just realized is only 2 weeks away from its British release! Regardless of when its being realized, good for Adele for getting a bunch of promotion early on. She’s especially lucky she has an uptempo single like “Rolling In The Deep” to perform since it would get a little tired and sad if she was chucking a slow, sad ballad around everywhere.

That being said, Adele once again killllled the performance and its probably the best performance thus far! Adele is one of those artists that after watching, I want a recording of the performance since there is usually something special she did on the performance making it worth listening to again. Adele had some extra oomph in this performance and it really did show, I loved it! While I’ll always love Adele’s ballads, I think this song just overtook my favorite Adele song since I just love its arrangement, the attitude it brings, and its incorporation of so many different elements. Can’t WAIT to see what this album is going to bring, and that won’t be too long. I’m predicting the British version of the album will end up leaking sometime this weekend or maybe at the top of next week. Can’t wait to hear it!

p.s. as if she couldn’t get anymore amazing, she also named Etta James as her first influence in the little interview at the end! Amazing!

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