The criminally underrated Kelly Rowland continues to push her upcoming album which, if this is still the plan, will actually be released in two versions–a more dance/electropop sound for Europe (featuring excellent singles “Commander” featuring David Guetta and “Forever and A Day”) and a more R&B/pop sound for America (featuring stinker single “Grown Woman” and “Rose Colored Glasses”). What is presuming a track for what will most likely be the superior version is a newly leaked track “Hangover” featuring Andre Meritt.

The song has a great production with some pretty hot electro elements found throughout it. Still, there’s a disconnect that isn’t bringing the song 100% together. I looked into some other reports about the song and there is speculation that Andre’s part may just be a reference for another male singer. Kelly is good friends with Usher (who she recently told inspired a big part of Usher’s new electropop song by showing him what she was working on) so it could be him, another singer, or maybe it really is Andre. Time will tell if we ever see this still untitled album.

Unfortunately, I don’t see her album doing well at all unless she miraculously gets a huge hit single. “Commander” was a pretty big hit, but the label did not push the album out or even the single really so once again Kelly was left in limbo. I say they rethink their promotion strategy and release a new dance/electropop single worldwide (since that’s a trend in the US too! Hello!?) and push it in the US first and let it spread worldwide and finally get that album out. There is too much good music already leaked from the album, they have the material–they just need to get their act together and let this diva shine!

Kelly Rowland’s current album situation is one that annoys me the most in the industry, really unfortunate for her actually–maybe I’ll do a feature piece on it soon. In the meantime, check out “Hangover” below:

“Hangover” Kelly Rowland featuring Andre Meritt

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