From Portugal I bring you some of the most interesting music I have come across in awhile; that being of new band DREAMS. While I can’t find too much information on the band, these guys (or girls?) totally have the possibiltiy to become one of the new hipster gem bands for 2011. Of available material, there is the solely instrumental Simple Steps EP (which you can download for free below) which is a sonic journey in itself. The band combines electronic and pop elements with a psychedelic sound making their music accessible and extremely unique.

Then there are the tracks with vocals that have been released recently. One being “In Dreams” which has a similar feeling to the band’s name with a lush, electronic, synthesizer laden track complete with a beat and dreamy male vocals that are not the forefront of the track making the song even more dreamlike and interesting. The band is giving away this song for a free download as well which you can get below at the SoundCloud. There’s also “Don’t Leave Me” that seems like a bit of a cluster of random sounds, instruments, and those same distant vocals that all come together at the halfway point when the beat kicks in.

Regardless of who these Portuguese musicians actually are or what they look like, one thing is for sure is that they have a knack for extremely interesting music. The word “Dreams” is extremely common and easy to get mixed around with other bands (sidenote: remember Dream of “He Loves U Not” and “This Is Me” from 2000? Love them. And miss them. Still.) so they have been using the phrase “DreamsDontLoveYou” on their SoundCloud account for example which you can click on HERE to listen to even more music. As well, the band has a new EP titled Forgotten Thoughts coming out on January 18th, exciting! In the meantime check out the music and let me know what you think of Dreams!

“In Dreams” Dreams (Free Download!)

“Don’t Leave Me” Dreams

Download the Simple Steps EP for free HERE.

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