Florence Welch continues having her fun in the urban genre by joining one of hip-hop’s biggest names Drake on stage at a London performance the other night. Taking over what would usually be Alicia Keys’ part on the track, Florence came belting on the stage in her entire musical awesomeness to little reaction from the crowd. Yet by the end of the song, which became a mash-up of “Firework” and Florence + The Machine’s “Cosmic Love,” the crowd was going wild.

A high quality recording of the (quite epic) performance hasn’t surfaced yet but the video below is great and had me bobbing my head throughout the entire Florence part. This won’t be the first time Flo mashed her music up with a live performance such as with her extremely successful duet with Dizzie Rascal “You’ve Got The Dirtee Love” performed live at the 2010 Brit Awards. I love urban Florence and if you remember my report about Florence hopes to work with Kanye West, this could just be yet another step to Florence becoming a big collaborator in the genre. Definitely recommended to watch & listen to below.

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