Diddy – Dirty Money continued their impressive promotion for Last Train To Paris by hitting up BET’s 106 & Park for a few performances. The trio started off with the video that’s been a hit on 106 & Park “Ass On The Floor” with Swizz Beatz making an annoying appearance since he couldn’t even keep up with the track making it more and more apparent how uncool he actually is (great producer, he just seems like a dork and probably shouldn’t be performing–especially rapping).

The supergroup went on to perform their past single “Loving You No More,” which barely dented the charts, for the first time with the girls adding nice harmonies on Diddy‘s verses. They then went on to perform an excellent album track that actually has no features “I Hate That You Love Me” which I’m convinced is sampled from Moby‘s “I Love To Move In Here” (unless that’s sampled from somewhere as well).

The performances were pretty grea with Kalenna really taking the spotlight during these performances showing off some top-notch vocals; not to knock Dawn Richard who was equally impressive but it was really was Kalenna’s night to shine at 106 & Park.

While their current single “Coming Home” is seemingly falling down in the charts, a follow-up has not been announced although as I reported yesterday they are shooting a video for “Yesterday” featuring Chris Brown. Regardless of the confusing promotions, I am happy with Dirty Money and their hard work that’s been paying off with impressive reviews and pretty good sales currently in the Top 30 after 3 weeks out. Check out the 3 song performance below:

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