The endlessly talented Adele (who looks extremely hot in the photo on the left doesn’t she?!) started off her promotion in her home country England with an acoustic mini-concert at XFM in Manchester. With just powerful voice, a guitarist, and piano player the Grammy winner powered through 4 songs doing what she does best.

The setlist went as follows, kicking off her with one of her most known songs off her debut album “Hometown Glory.” Adele then went into new material with her new ballad “Someone Like You,” a track from the upcoming new album 21. Adele performed a cover of Wanda Jackson’s “Funnel of Love,” and ended things right with her new single “Rolling In The Deep.” The last song was paricularly interesting to hear since the studio version has a lot stomping and a sample in it, but without those the song takes a different character which still totally works but is just different.

Adele of course nailed it on all these, and its definitely a recommended watch. I got the chance to see Adele live before she blew up here in the States and she is not only the sweetest thing, but she absolutely kills it live. I can’t wait for 21, especially based off of how addicted I am to “Rolling In The Deep.”

*Extra Bonus* Adele and I at the Apple Store in SoHo in 2009…uh oh, now you all know what I look like…

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