If you remember my “What If…” post about Nicole Scherzinger‘s second single, I gave my speculation and thoughts about her next single which we knew was titled “Don’t Hold Your Breath.” In the meantime a small clip of Nicole singing the refrain leaked online confirming that it was the Timbaland/Keri Hilson track, but that it had been re-mixed in a much more poppier vain.

Well now the demo of the song leaked and it is sonically very poppy and should suit Nicole’s voice nicely. There are some rumors that the track (which apparently has been re-mixed by Dave Aude who took some time with it) is being slowed down with new lyrics in the bridge, and will have an extended introduction to give it a bigger emotional charge to begin with. I could totally see these changes happening to give Nicole some crooning notes to allow her to show off.

After getting a world of opportunities that most people would die to have, one of those opportunities struck gold when Nicole performed her “debut” single (which is actually her 5th single…but who’s counting?) the horrendous “Poison” on The UK’s biggest TV show The X Factor which propelled it up to #3 on the charts–giving Scherzy her first hit single!

Anyway, it looks like “Don’t Hold Your Breath” could shape up to be the first song I end up liking of the “new and improved” Nicole Scherzinger…although I liked her other material better, like the beautiful “Powers Out” featuring Sting I posted below the cut. But take a listen (which I’ve also included a download link for…no harm in a and let me know what you think of the demo and “Powers Out.” Are you checking for Nicole with this new single?

“Don’t Hold Your Breath” Demo for Nicole Scherzinger

“Powers Out” Nicole Scherzinger featuring Sting

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