Quirky Swedish pop star Lykke Li has released the follow up single from her upcoming album Wounded Rhymes titled “I Follow Rivers.” The etheral song has a grooving folky undertone with some electronic tribal sounds that I swear I’ve heard in one famous 90s song. I’ve also included a radio rip of an excellent remix done by The Magician that gives the song a different life. The remix takes a more upbeat approach to the song adding in piano bits and a bumping bass that gives the song an entirely new identity. Hopefully that a full, non-tagged version of that comes out soon.

“I Follow Rivers” is a wonderful follow-up to the equally excellent and sexually-charged first single “Get Some,” and along with Raphael Saadiq’s “Radio” stands as yet another one of the really great songs that have been released in 2011–and its only been a week in!

I’ve never really listened to Lykke Li except for when my friend Carla would play her through YouTube, and with this upcoming album I’m extremely excited to hear what’s coming based on the first single. I keep meaning to listen to her earlier work because her new music has been extremely impressive. Take a listen to the must hear “I Follow Rivers” and a remix by The Magician below:

“I Follow Rivers” Lykke Li

“I Follow Rivers (The Magician Remix) ” Lykke Li

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  1. Rachel Kerr says:

    Hey, came across your blog from looking through the Lykke Li tags on wordpress. Nice article! If you’re gonna listen to Lykke’s earlier stuff then I’d advise “I’m Good I’m Gone”, “Little Bit”, “Dance Dance Dance” and “Breaking It Up”. There’s some amazing videos on Youtube of her doing them live with people like Robyn making an appearance, they’re better than the recorded versions! I really love Lykke, her new album should be good. If you’re interested I just started a blog myself & wrote an article about Lykke, If you’re interested then take a look & any feedback is very helpful! Your blog seems pretty impressive so any tips are great :]

    • Hey thanks Rachel!! and thanks for the comment! I’m definitely going to look into these songs and the live versions (I think Robyn’s great too!). I’ve bookmarked your site for Lykke Li updates so I’ll definitely be checking your site out too. let me know what else you like here since it seems like you have great music taste 🙂

  2. Rachel Kerr says:

    Thanks! Well I’ll definitely be reviewing her album when it’s out so look out for that, will be good to see what you think too :]

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