British it girl of music Jessie J sat down for a (somewhat cocky) interview with BBC to talk a variety of subjects. I’ve always found Jessie’s story to be particularly interesting which she talks at length about in the interview. The upcoming star talks about signing with an independent label early in her career and how she wouldn’t necessarily take that route if she had a do over. As well about how the British labels were not interested in her due to huge amount of female stars that were already in development when Jessie was trying to get a deal naming Amy Winehouse, Adele, Duffy, V.V. Brown, Cheryl Cole, and Gabrielle Climi as the main focuses on British record labels in terms of female pop singers. This then led to Jessie going to America for a “writing trip,” as well as thoughts that she would have to settle for being a songwriter. Yet the trip led to the huge hit for Miley Cyrus “Party In The U.S.A.” This then led to a huge amount of artists wanting to work for her, and eventually Jessie getting the last laugh by getting her choice of a UK label after signing with an American one. The rest of the story has yet to be written.

Jessie also gives her take on winning the Brit Award’s Critics Choice Award with a cute story of her thanking last year’s winner Ellie Goulding. As well, gives her thoughts about the list of the BBC’s Sound of 2011 (which the order wasn’t released at the time of the interview, but she ended up topping this list as well) and is throughouly happy when she hears 50 Cent topped the list when he arrived, and is noticeably less enthused when Adele (her former schoolmate) is mentioned. Interesting.

When asked what was the biggest opportunity she had to miss out on, Jessie names how she was asked to write on the Burlesque soundtrack which features Christina Aguilera and Cher but didn’t have the time. Jessie also had a track for Christina’s Bionic album, that ended up not making the album and there is rumors that her camp is reaching out to her for the next album as well.

So if you still want to check out the interview (I just wrote all the interesting parts!) you can do so below as well with performances of “Do It Like A Dude,” “Big White Room,” and an acoustic version of “Who You Are” below.

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